Why have I not received a student yet?

It may take a week or a few months to obtain your first client. Regardless, there are a few factors that contribute to customer acquisition.

  • First impressions are important. A well cropped head-shot or tennis action photo are crucial when it comes to lesson bookings. The more appealing, the more likely a student is to click and explore your profile.
  • Instructor density is also an important factor. If you are in a small town and you are one of only a few coaches then it may take some time to gain traction on search engines, such as Google, in your area. If you are in a large metro area than there may be many other instructor within your travel radius making it hard to stand out from the pack.
  • Obtaining that first student usually opens the floodgates. Once you have a few star ratings, student testimonials, and hours taught displayed on your profile, students are more likely to book lessons with you.
  • Your rate may be too high for the area you are teaching. It is important to find the sweet spot when it comes to your rate, which includes making the amount per hour you feel you deserve while also having a rate attractive to prospective students.
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